In a recent episode of his 1 Of A Kind With RVD podcast, Rob Van Dam discussed several topics, including several names in All Elite Wrestling making him feel appreciated and welcomed in the company.

“A lot of the guys really went out of their way to make me feel appreciated and welcomed, they were like hey, some of us might be a little apprehensive about coming up and telling you this, but we’re all so excited that you’re here and so stoked.

Man, it’s so cool, there were a few particular guys who said that, and I’ll always remember that because that stands out, it definitely puts me in a different perspective than in WWE, where I felt replaceable and expendable, I might be there next week, I might not, I never knew.

I never knew if I was really being appreciated there or not, because there was so much balance of different energies conflicting.”

All episode of the 1 Of A Kind With RVD podcast can be found at this link.