In an interview with TV Insider, ROH COO Joe Koff commented on a variety of topics, including the possibility of Ring of Honor working together with IMPACT Wrestling.

“I think what you are seeing with Cody, for example, where he has done some shows for them. However, he has been fairly exclusive to us from a television and domestic standpoint over the last two or three months. That Hardy Boys and Young Bucks angle was born because of them. It all took an organic path that ended up on our channel and hopefully back to TNA.

I think it’s a start. I think we are taking a look at it thinking, ‘How does this work? How would this work?’ Because this was talent-generated and not creative-generated by the office, I think it has an organic feel. When that video came on in the Hammerstein Ballroom in December at Final Battle, it was one of those Ring of Honor moments I will never forget. It was palpable. They had to process seeing Matt Hardy on the screen wondering why he was there. The reaction was amazing. I think that goes back to what is special about Ring of Honor – the ability to still surprise.

We are really not influenced by the outside world. We stick to our guns. We have a tight knit group that are able to keep secrets for the most part. I think it helps. I’m proud of that. I had no issues with the old management at TNA, but there is no question with the new management that they seem to be more open to working cooperatively in this space. That is always good. It’s good for the business.”

The interview is available in full at this link.