Prior to Celtic Championship Wrestling’s upcoming “SummerBrawl” event at The Forum in Waterford, Ireland, CCW’s head coach and once known as “The Most Controversial Man in Irish Wrestling” Ross Browne sat down with Wrestling-News.Net to discuss his upcoming appearance on commentary at the event, challenging WWE superstar Sheamus to a fight inside the ring, coaching the next breed of CCW talent as well as if he has any plans to return to the ring.

Note from Wayne: The views are those of Ross Browne and not the views of Celtic Championship Wrestling.

Wrestling-News.Net: Ross, thanks for sitting down with us ahead of your upcoming appearance on commentary at CCW Summerbrawl. First things first, what made you consider a return to the wrestling scene?

Ross: I returned after a 5 year absence when I saw that there were professional wrestling seminars going on that were being coached by people who cannot and are not qualified to coach professional wrestling. I said that I’d be a full time coach, because if there’s one thing I hate, it’s s**t wrestlers teaching people how to be s**t wrestlers. Myself and Fight Factory Pro Wrestling in Bray coach the proper way. Only us and any of the original NWA Ireland main wrestlers are qualified to coach.

Wrestling-News.Net: Moving from coaching to commentary is another leap. Can you tell us what was the reasoning behind that decision?

Ross: I think that I have more to say than anybody else and I’ve never shied away from letting people know exactly what I think, whether that’s inside the ring or to someone’s face backstage or whatever and I’ll back up what I say too.

Wrestling-News.Net: Will you be biting your tongue, now that you’re not actively wrestling inside the ring anymore?

Ross: No, I’ll say what I have to say about whoever I please and if they have an issue with that, then they can step up and I’ll see if they’re willing to do anything about it.

Wrestling-News-Net: As we mentioned above, you were once known as the most controversial person in Irish Wrestling when you were an active wrestler. We’ve heard many stories about some of the things that you did, do you mind if I ask you about some of them?

Ross: Work away.

Wrestling-News.Net: There were reports that you legitimatelly headbutted another trainer twice in a training session, is that true?

Ross: Yeah, that’s true.

Wrestling-News.Net: Can you tell us how all that came about?

Ross: I use the term trainer very lightly here. He wasn’t training alongside me, he was just using space to train two other guys and firstly, I don’t know how you headbutt someone without it being legit, otherwise it isn’t a headbutt then is it? I had him in a leg lock on the mats and he threw an insulting punch or something that tapped off my head like a f***y hitting a pillow, so I then headbutted him. Then he threw another one of those f***y punches, so I headbutted him again. Hey, if you’re not going to hit someone full force, then don’t hit them at all, even in training.

Wrestling-News.Net: Woah, there were also some stories that you challenged now WWE superstar Sheamus to a fight, is that true?

Ross: Yeah, once again that’s true. The company that he was working for in Ireland, before he went to the WWE were at one of our shows and they were doing a lot of b****ing online like b****es do, so as they were sitting in the front row and I was wrestling the show, I decided to go out and tell them to their faces what a bunch of useless, moaning, chicken s*** b****es they were to the delight of the crowd in attendance that night. They just sat there and then I see Sheamus looking up at me and mouthing the words, “You’re Dead”, so I held open the middle rope for him and genuinely asked him to come into the ring and fight me to see who the real wrestlers are and he sat there with his arms folded.

Wrestling-News.Net: There was also another story that you went backstage at an event and told the wrestlers and the promoters that their show was s**t and you threatened them, is that legit?

Ross: Yeah.

Wrestling-News.Net: Why?

Ross: Because it was.

Wrestling-News.Net: How do you think you would fare against the current wrestlers competing on the Irish Wrestling scene?

Ross: Against the actual wrestlers, I’d hold my own, but the other 90% who CLAIM to be wrestlers I’d smash up.

Wrestling-News.Net: You’ve had a lot of injuries as a wrestler. Can you tell us what they were and how they effect you these days?

Ross: I’ve dislocated my right shoulder 26 times. I’ve broke and dislocated my left shoulder, I’ve broken my collar bone, had 2 concussions, a dislocated finger, a broken tail bone, a cracked rib, a dislocated jaw and a fractured elbow. They don’t effect me, as I feel better now than ever.

Wrestling-News.Net: Seeing as you coach by example and you are in the ring on a weekly basis training the next breed of CCW talent, do you think that there is a chance that you could return to the ring?

Ross: Yeah, I do think there’s a chance.

Wrestling-News.Net: Finally, is there anything else that you would like to get off your chest?

Ross: I’ll save it for Waterford.

Celtic Championship Wrestling’s “SummerBrawl” takes place on Sunday, August 10th, 2013 at The Forum in Waterford, Ireland. Tickets are priced at €15 for Adults and €12.50 for kids (service charge applies) and can be purchased from The Next Door Off Licence Forum Waterford or by calling 051-871133 or from The Forum’s website at on the listings section. You can check out the latest news from Celtic Championship Wrestling at and check out the SummerBrawl event page at