The following results are from a recent Ruthless Pro Wrestling event. The event took place on April 7th, 2024 at the H2O Wrestling Center in Williamstown, New Jersey and aired live on IWTV.

RPW Tag Team Championships Match
Midwest Scum (Zach Thomas & Dread King Logan) (c) defeated 44.OH! (Vincent Nothing & Alice Crowley) (w/Rickey Shane Page & Christian Napier) via disqualification.

Tag Team Death Match
Randi West & Schwartzy defeated Louie Ramos & Dr. Redacted.

Tooth And Nail Death Match For The RPW Kamikaze Championship
Remington Rhor (c) defeated Vic Craig.

Razor Boards & Panes Of Glass Death Match
Joel Bateman defeated Danny Darko.

Typhoon Of Light Tubes Death Match
Matt Tremont defeated Judge Joe Dred (w/Steven Jury) via disqualification.

Danny Havoc Viking Tribute Death Match
SHLAK defeated Clint Margera.

Tokyo Towers & Light Tube Bundles Death Match
John Wayne Murdoch (w/Nick Depp) defeated Yusaku Ito.

Death Match For The RPW Championship
Atticus Cogar (w/Otis Cogar & Gregory Iron) (c) defeated Christian Napier (w/Rickey Shane Page, Vincent Nothing & Alice Crowley).

Fatal Four Way Match For The RPW Rust Belt Championship
Lou Nixon defeated Otis Cogar, Malcolm Monroe III and “Hoodfoot” Mo Atlas to become the new Champion.