In a recent interview with The 5 Star Wrestling Revolution podcast, former All Elite Wrestling superstar Sadie Gibbs opened up on her recent decision to retire from professional wrestling.

“With the uncertainty of the world, I just decide to put all my eggs into the fitness basket and since making that choice, as hard as it was, I’ve just been waiting around and staring at a door that’s been closed. I’m not about that, that’s the reasons for the announced retirement, just to close that door fully and get on with my life and the way it’s going at the moment. Who knows, I did just reach the peak of my career and it did get cut short. That is gutting, but you can’t sit and stare at a closed door for too long, especially when you’re getting other opportunities in an area that fulfills you.

I was starting to have seizures in 2020, probably just travelling a lot with the States, I had three seizures in the year and I just kept ignoring it, just thinking it was training and working a lot. It turned out I had a massive cyst on my ovary that was causing all sorts of health issues, I had endometriosis, so I haven’t been training like I usually trained. I think a lot of people are hoping that I come back, which you never know in the future, I did love AEW, for me that was where I wanted to finish up my career, I wanted to excel in that and go far with AEW. You never know, something may open, but the directions I want to go in, I need to focus on that.”

The interview is available in full at this link.