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Salina to Reveal “Who is the Baby Daddy?” at Blood & Thunder

Presented for free on YouTube July 12

Who is Salina’s Baby Daddy? Find out live at MLW Blood & Thunder ’24, from the Coliseum in St. Petersburg, FL on Friday, July 12.

MLW is proud to announce the highly anticipated main event for Blood & Thunder, live from the Coliseum in St. Petersburg, FL, on July 12. Fans worldwide will find out who Salina’s Baby Daddy is live and free on MLW’s YouTube Channel.

The Summer of Scandal Continues for Cesar and Salina.

The wrestling world has been abuzz since Salina de la Renta’s stunning announcement at MLW Anniversary’24 that she is pregnant. The revelation has sparked intense speculation and curiosity, with fans and wrestlers alike asking, “Who is the father?” The answer to this burning question will finally be revealed live, as Salina de la Renta confirms she will disclose the identity of her baby daddy on July 12.

Cesar Duran, Salina’s father and a major figure in Lucha Libre, has a particular interest in this revelation. The child represents the future heir to his family’s wrestling empire, adding a layer of intrigue and significance to the announcement. Earlier this month at MLW Battle RIOT VI, Cesar Duran shocked the world and Salina by revealing he is indeed her father, ending years of speculation and mystery surrounding their relationship.

The upcoming reveal marks the next chapter in the ongoing saga of the Duran/de La Renta family, one filled with scandal and surprises. The wrestling world has been rife with theories about the identity of the father. Could it be a luchador, or perhaps another influential figure in the wrestling world? With Salina de la Renta, anything is possible, and the truth is often as shocking as it is unpredictable.

Join us live on YouTube on Friday, July 12, for MLW Blood & Thunder as Salina de la Renta spills the tea for her papa and the entire world. Witness the drama, the excitement, and the spectacle as we uncover the answer to the question on everyone’s lips: “Who is Salina’s baby daddy?”

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