WWE sent out the following:

Injury update on NXT Champion Sami Zayn

Just one week after the vicious assault by Kevin Owens that cut Sami Zayn’s NXT Championship victory celebration short, new details have emerged about the new champion’s condition.

WWE.com was able to confirm that while Zayn had full movement and sensation in his arms and legs after being powerbombed onto the ring apron by Owens, WWE Medical staff decided to take the newly crowned champion to nearby Winter Park Memorial Hospital for further examination.

X-rays of his spine came back negative, as did a CT scan of his head. Ultimately, he was diagnosed with cervical and thoracic muscle strains. Zayn was held overnight for observation. The NXT Champion is currently resting before starting physical therapy at the WWE Performance Center. He is expected back within three to four weeks.

Note from Wayne: This is obviously all storyline to sell the attack from Kevin Owens and bring him into a feud with Sami Zayn going into 2015.