In an interview with Barstool Sports’ From The Top Rope podcast, WWE SmackDown Live superstar Samoa Joe discussed several topics, including his time as part of the WWE NXT roster.

“Getting through NXT, it was a great experience for me because starting out there for me, it was like proving to the company that I’m everything I say I am, and here’s the proof. It was a small time, but it was during that time that I was able to say ‘this is what I’m able to do for you guys’ and NXT was part of that process.

I was more than happy to participate in that and do that, because it’s pretty much like everywhere that I’ve worked in my career, where there’s always been a proving period that I had to go through. It’s something that I never shy away from and I don’t feel insulted, like ‘Oh, I shouldn’t have to prove myself’.

There’s nothing that gives me more satisfaction silencing doubt with action, and that was very much, to me, what NXT was about.”

The interview is available in full at this link.