In a recent interview with Izzy On Sports, All Elite Wrestling star Saraya discussed several topics, including how Jon Moxley helped her with her early AEW promos so soon after she signed with the company.

“The first few promos, Jon Moxley actually helped me a lot with them. One of my best friends is Renee Paquette, and so you know, I’m friends with her hubby too, he was one of the catalysts in getting me over to AEW as well, he was on the phone with me and stuff like that, and so with the promos, since I s*** the bed the first time, I was just like, I just need help, I don’t feel confident in myself.

That promo with me and Britt where I’m being real, I’m talking about real-life stuff, like yeah I am sober, yeah I was a mess, yes the world saw my tapes go on the freaking internet from when I was 19, just all the struggles that I went through for that year and a half, I was being real, and he was telling me I had to be real.

He was just like, that’s the perfect promo, stop trying to be a character right now and just speak your truth kind of thing, and so he was helping me with that kind of stuff, he really, really did help me, it made me come out of my shell and made me feel way more comfortable.”

The full interview is available at this link.