The following results are from a recent SCW Pro Wrestling event. The event took place on June 14th, 2024 at the Mercado On Fifth in Moline, Illinois.

Singles Match
Corn Boi defeated Hector de Oro.

Singles Match
Lonzo Romero defeated Malik Champion (w/Evangeline).

Singles Match
Deonn Rusman defeated Shain Boucher.

SCWPro Tag Team Championships Match
Jax-Amore (Casey Jax & Tigre Amore) defeated Partners In Rhyme The Remix (Niko Kline & Cash Kennedy) to become the new Champions.

Tag Team Match
The Chosen (Shane Hollister & Eric Eznite) (w/Evangeline) defeated TNT (Turbo Tony & Tommy 2 Scoops) (w/Valentina Loca).

Singles Match
Carlos Oliva defeated John Bonhart (w/Mark Storm).

SCWPro Championship Match
Dustan Moseley (c) defeated JT Energy.

SCWPro Mercado On Fifth Championship Battle Royal
Corn Boi defeated Turbo Tony, Carlos Oliva, Casey Jax, Tommy 2 Scoops, Tigre Amore, Niko Kline, Cash Kennedy, Hector de Oro, John Bonhart, Malik Champion and Lonzo Romero.