There have been several changes made across various departments within the WWE over the past several days, with the most notable change coming yesterday with Mark Carrano’s departure from the company, stemming from the reaction to social media postings made by Mickie James, which led to WWE executives Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and John Laurinaitis apologizing and announcing that the person responsible was fired from WWE, with the news of Carrano’s departure first reported by WrestlingINC.

Additionally, according to, the known changes/departures across several departments are below:

– Nicole Zeoli, who was the Director of Talent Relations since February 2018 and had been with the company since 2010 has departed the company.

– Long-time WWE referee John Cone, who had also worked in the Talent Relations Department as a Senio Manager, is no longer working for that side of the company, but remains with the WWE as a referee.

– Dan Engler, who signed with the company in June 2013 and had worked in the Talent Relations department is no longer involved with that department, but remains with the company as a referee.

– Mead Rust, VP of Communications, has departed after joining the company in 2019.

– Joe Villa, who had been with the company for 22 years, initially with the Fan Services Department, before moving into Live Events management and publicity, as the Manager of Publicity and Corporate Communications has departed.