WWE’s filing on the trademarks of Dominik Mysterio, Kay Lee Rae, Chelsea Green, A-Kid, Amale, Amir Jordan and Aoife Valkyrie back in October 2020 have yet to be approved, as those talents have not given written consent to the company for use, according to a report from Heel By Nature, with the trademarks to be abandoned in six months time unless the company provides the necessary documentation.

For those wondering, because those named did not sign the application and the application did not include a proper written consent, the WWE must provide a statement that the name in the mark identifies a particular living individual and a written consent to register then name. The WWE must provide a statement reading, “The name show in the mark identifies a living individual whose consent to register is made of record”, and that if the name is a pseudonym, stage name or nickname, the WWE must provide the following statement, “[TRADEMARK] identifies [ACTUAL NAME], a living individual whose consent is of record.”

Additionally, WWE must provide a written consent, personally signed by the named individual as follows, “I, [ACTUAL NAME], consent to the use and registration of my name, _____, as a trademark and/or service mark with the USPTO.”

WWE ran into similar trouble over the past year in regards to trademarks of Mia Yim, Mercedes Martinez, Keith Lee, Drew Gulak, Pete Dunne, Tony Nese, Malcolm Bivens, Raquel Gonzalez and Justus, with Yim, Lee and Martinez ending up filing their own trademarks for their respective ring names.