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In a recent interview with the It’s My Wrestling Podcast, Shane Taylor discussed several topics, including Ring Of Honor Wrestling going on hiatus, his friendship with Keith Lee and whether they have spoken since Keith’s WWE release, plus much more.

The full interview is available at this link, with highlights below.

His reaction to the ROH news, knowing it was coming: I’m feeling fine. In moments like these I tend to be someone that gets very excited. I know that sounds weird, but I am someone who sort of enjoys chaos, enjoys that feeling of not knowing what’s going to happen. That feeling of finding that next thing. You know what I mean? That survivalist sort of mentality I’ve had my whole life sort of kicks in and I feel like I’m right at home. Because growing up, you never knew what was going to happen. You didn’t know if you live through the day, you know what I mean? So none of this comes as a shock. None of this comes as a surprise. None of this is something that I didn’t already see coming. So this is simply just par for the course. I mean me and the guys, with what we’ve been doing and the success that we’ve garnered organically damn near by ourselves. We were debating options anyway. So this sort of just kicks it into another gear, so it’s okay.

ROH closure being good for the industry: Of course you are now getting world class talent that is able to come in help lead locker rooms. Help coach young guys and help your veterans. It’s just awesome to see, I mean like already we saw the OGK Taven and Bennett in the NWA which is dope. You’re going to be able to see two world class guys right off the bat going and in completely change the landscape of a locker room. The amount of matchups there’s going to be is very exciting. You look at a place like MLW and some of the matchups that you could potentially have for us there would would be incredible. I mean a place that loves factions, enjoys faction warfare. Then you look at stuff and imagine O’Shea Edwards versus Hammerstone or myself versus Fatu. The possibilities are endless. So you you look at all of these things, and there’s just so many options. Then of course you look at a place like AEW and you have one group that’s kind of controlling everything putting out posts saying they’re the best three man team in the world. I’m looking at this holding the ring of honour world six man titles that say we’re the best six man team in the world. To say they’re the best trio in the world. Sounds to me like somebody’s lying.

His friendship with Keith Lee, if they’ve spoken: I’ve spoken to him. We’ve talked. Keith is going to be just fine. He is, I’m sure, very excited about the future. A motivated Keith Lee with a chip on his shoulder is good for any wrestling fan, right. And he’s got of course his marriage. His wedding to think about this February which I will be at. So congratulations to the both of them. He will be okay. He’s gonna put all of his ducks in a row and we’re gonna figure out something extraordinary for the sport. As he always does. My reaction when I saw it, again, it was a little surprising, but not completely unforeseen. If you look, okay, you know, this happened, then this happened and then there was like legal battle. You know? So it was just me knowing the environment there the way that I do, Yeah, I was like okay, that could be a thing.

What he thinks the lasting legacy of ROH will be: I mean, I think you just nailed it. Right. It has been the most influential company over the last 20 years, not only as far as innovating wrestling style, but as far as producing an absolutely insane amount of talent also. Like there’s a whole company based off of Ring of Honor talent, you know. I mean you look at just about every major company right now, and some of your top guys if not a good 40% of maybe your top guys on your roster have ring of honor ties. So I think when you look at it from that aspect, it very much cements the legacy of everything that everybody’s done that’s walked through those doors.