In a pre-WWE NXT Vengeance Day conference call, Shawn Michaels discussed several topics, including WWE NXT UK talents, most notably Ilja Dragunov and Meiko Satomura, not appearing on WWE NXT since their appearances last year.

“Much like several months ago, we want them here and love having them here, but a lot of it is availability, and a lot of it is, as you said, visa issues. A lot of it also, that is a big career move and life difference, those are all things we want people to consider before they make that move.

Nothing would thrill me more than to have Ilja and Meiko here on a regular basis, they are phenomenal talent. We’re thrilled about Gallus being back, and Tyler Bate being back. As far as who is to come in the future, a lot of that is up to the talent themselves, and also, there are visa issues, but we’re waiting on a long-term commitment from some people, and we understand that’s not an easy decision to make.”