WWE’s Shawn Michaels took part in a pre-WWE NXT Heatwave media call on Wednesday and discussed several topics, including WWE NXT potentially going on the road, Je’Von Evans’ success on the brand, Lola Vice and more.

Michaels said that he does not feel like it is realistic for WWE NXT to go out on the road every week for television, and was not sure if that will be the case for when the show premieres on The CW.

Michaels said that he loves the attitude of Je’Von Evans, and that Evans is living his best life in WWE NXT and does not have the immediate desire to go to the main roster. Michaels put over Evans’ future and said that he has to remind him and others that there is a lot more to learn, even at the ages of 23, or 24 years old.

Michaels said that he sees Lola Vice as someone who could be a main roster star, and that means a lot more than just getting there, however they want to prepare all talents to be people who can draw crowds and earn money when they’re called-up.