In a recent interview with Inside the Ropes, WWE SmackDown superstar Sheamus discussed several topics, including the launch of the NXT Europe brand in 2023 and whether he would be open to appearing on the brand.

“I’d definitely be involved, absolutely. Any chance as well I can get to come back home is great. I feel like 15 years in the States, yeah about 15 years in America, and I just, you know, the first major portion of my career, been very focused on everything that’s going on, I didn’t really get home much.

I remember, even at the beginning of my career, going back for visas and stuff, I’d try to get back to the U.S. as quick as possible, but I definitely want to get home more. The older I get, the more I miss my dad, my mom, you know what I mean, my family and everybody at home, so if there’s a European thing there, I’d love to be a part of it, obviously help all the talent and help the promotion get off the ground.

I’m sure Finn Balor feels the same way, Drew McIntyre feels the same way and I’m sure Butch and Ridge Holland feel the same way, but honestly, to get them off the ground, and to obviously get home a lot more would be great for me, that would be a perfect scenario. Also, there’s probably the European Championship that’s going to be there, so I’d love to get my hands on that too, bring back that old European Title.”

The full interview is available at this link.