Major League Wrestling sent out the following:

Shun Skywalker of DRAGONGATE to make debut Sept 18

Super Series to feature one of the sport’s top fighters

Major League Wrestling today announced DRAGONGATE will send an envoy of fighters, including Shun Skywalker to MLW: SUPER SERIES’22 presented by MLA from greater Atlanta on Sunday, September 18 at the Space Event Center at 6100 Live Oak Pkwy in Norcross, Georgia 30093.

The card is a FUSION TV taping, airing on beIN SPORTS nationwide on cable and dish and in over 60 countries around the world.

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The cross-promotional summit will feature the participation of Major League Wrestling, the cutting-edge Kobe, Japan promotion DRAGONGATE and the grandest Mexican lucha libre promotion in the world: Lucha Libre AAA.

Representing DRAGONGATE and the infamous Z-Brats, Shun Skywalker is a former Open The Dream Gate Champion. Heralded as arguably the best wrestler in Japan, if not in the entire sport itself, Skywalker is perhaps in a league of his own.

“Skywalker has been the most requested wrestler MLW fans have hoped to see in an MLW ring since we began a strategic alliance with DRAGONGATE,” said MLW CEO Court Bauer. “Now the day has arrived when Skywalker will walk down that aisle and fight in Major League Wrestling. I want to thank the entire DRAGONGATE organization, as well as Mr. Kido being a part of this historic card in Atlanta.”

A cunning fighter, Skywalker was once a popular wrestler in DR only to crave more and perhaps in the process embrace his inner dark heart. Since then, the delusional fighter has caused havoc for his former teammates in the Masquerade faction… but what will he do in MLW?

League officials are feverishly setting a “big match” for Skywalker’s MLW debut. What will it be? Fight fans will find out soon.

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