In a recent interview with The WrestlingINC Daily Podcast, former WWE superstar Sin Cara opened up on requesting his WWE release in 2019.

“We went on to continue the tour, and I remember we were going to Austria, November 11, 2019, 7pm Europe time, 12pm Mexico time, that’s when I put my release on my social media and it wasn’t because I wanted to talk bad about anybody, if you read my release, all I’m saying is how I feel and the truth, I don’t have to lie and have to tell you more or less about what I had experienced in the company, I’m very grateful to this day to have worked there for 10 years, not everybody can say they worked for the company that they wanted to work with or achieve their dream there for 10 years.

They may say, yeah we helped you travel the world, we pay you, but my body was broken during that 10 years too, I don’t have an ACL any more, I dislocated my shoulder, a lot of things, which is fine, I understand that it’s part of what we do, but when I requested my release, that’s what I was feeling during that time. Before I put out my release, I remember that I prayed, I called a few friends, some of them are pastors and they gave me guidance on if I was making the correct decision for my life and for my career and everything pointed out that it was the correct decision and I know that they didn’t like that for me to put it out there in public, but how else could I really let them know how I felt if they didn’t really want to listen to me.

I had already talked to a lot of people, I was trying to reach out to Vince, they said that I had to do an appointment, I was like, I’m not going to do an appointment, I’ve been here for 10 years and if he can’t give you 5 minutes of his time, then I’m not worth anything to him, why do you want me here then. It was just a very sad situation for me to try to just work really hard to put my ideas out there and see if I could just let him know that I wanted to really earn my pay, it was terrible being at television and just being in catering sitting down, it was terrible, it was an awful feeling and I know that a lot of the guys have experienced that. I’m not saying that it’s just the Mexicans or Latinos, but it is.”

The interview is available in full at this link.