In a recent interview with Renee Paquette as part of The Sessions podcast, Sonjay Dutt discussed several topics, including his friendship with Satnam Singh, both on-screen and off-screen.

“I love him as a person, I love him as a professional, me and him obviously have this bond where we’re both from the same place with the same background, we speak the same language, there’s not many of us in professional wrestling.

That connection kind of brings us together right off the bat, we have this connection and he wants to excel at this, he really wants to excel at this and Lethal and I have taken a hand in cultivating his in-ring stuff whenever we can. Any time there’s tag matches with him and Lethal, he hasn’t had a Singles Match, so we’re getting to that point, but I think we’re getting real close. Anything we show him, anything we tell him, he soaks it up, he utilizes the stuff that we tell him to utilize, like hey do this differently.

I didn’t think that would be the case, I’ve worked with other Indian giants in WWE and that was not the case at all, so you know, the experience with him, it’s cool, because I always tell people yes, he’s seven foot four, yes he’s a giant, or whatever we want to call somebody of that stature and he has size 20 feet, but he’s an athlete. That’s the difference between him and anybody else of his size that has gotten into professional wrestling, he’s a legitimate athlete, so anything that we show him or tell him, he pulls it off, I love that and I think that he’s got such a bright future in wrestling, he’s just 26.”

The full interview is available at this link.