WWE official Sonya Deville made an appearance during last night’s episode of RAW Talk on the WWE Network and explained her decision to reinstate Charlotte Flair to the WWE RAW roster after Flair was previously fined $100,000 and indefinitely suspended after attacking WWE referee Eddie Orengo.

“I feel like everyone is completely misunderstanding what I’m trying to do here, I call everything straight down the center, I have no bias towards anybody on either roster. I’m honestly here to do my job the best that I can and I want everyone to have a fair opportunity. I honestly thought Adam Pearce’s decision was a little rushed, he didn’t hear Charlotte out, he heard one side of the story and made a dramatic decision.

I have to trust myself, I don’t always have to answer to Adam Pearce, just like he doesn’t always have to answer to me. If there’s a last-minute decision to be made, I’m going to step up and do it. I’m human, Charlotte Flair is human, she made an error, she apologized for it on national television and we went on with our business. At the end of the day, Charlotte Flair is one of the top superstars on RAW, why would you want her gone indefinitely. As a business person, I don’t see that as a smart decision.”