The major news coming out of last nights Elimination Chamber pay-per-view was the confirmation of two Championship matches for WrestleMania 29: The Rock defending the WWE Championship against Royal Rumble winner John Cena, and Alberto Del Rio defending the World Heavyweight Championship against Elimination Chamber winner Jack Swagger.  With two matches confirmed seven weeks ahead of WrestleMania 29, rumours are circulating as to other matches that will be added to the card.  Below is what to expect for some of WWE’s biggest stars, based on inder information gathered from a number of sources.

Brock Lesnar/Triple H: Almost certain to take place is a SummerSlam rematch between Brock Lesnar and Triple H.  Lesnar picked up a clean win over The Game last year, and the rematch was all-but-confirmed earlier this month when Lesnar returned to deliver the F5 to Hunter’s Father-In-Law Vince McMahon.  Hunter is expected to return to WWE TV soon, possibly even tonight on Raw.  The big rumour regarding this match is the possibility of a stipulation been added to freshen things up.  One idea in circulation at present is having the match take place inside a steel cage to tie in to Lesnar’s UFC background.  WWE are keen to get as many casual viewers buying the PPV as possible, putting Lesnar in a cage environment may attract MMA fans to the event.  Despite some reports this could be a career-threatening match for Triple H, we do not expect this to be Hunter’s last match whatever the outcome.

The Undertaker: The streak has been defended 20 times, and one of the biggest questions going into Mania season is whether Undertaker will look to extend the streak at WrestleMania 29.  Undertaker held discussions with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon behind the scenes last week to discuss his physical condition; ‘Taker will be 48-years-old come Mania and the years of bumps have taken it’s toll on his body.  At the time of writing it is not known what the outcome of those discussions were, and Undertaker’s decision to wrestle or not at Mania will have a huge impact on what WrestleMania 29 has in store for…

CM Punk: Punk is coming off the back of two consecutive PPV defeats to The Rock, and he hasn’t cleanly won a match on pay-per-view since SummerSlam.  If Undertaker wrestles this year, it is most likely he will be defending The Streak against CM Punk.  We expect the feud to revolve around Punk’s desire to earn the respect he feels he deserves, as well as playing up Punk’s 434-day WWE Championship reign as a more impressive “streak” than Undertaker’s.  If ‘Taker doesn’t compete at Mania, WWE do have the option of inserting Punk into the WWE Championship match between The Rock and John Cena.  Punk scored a visual 3-count on Rock while the referee was down at Elimination Chamber, which could form the basis of Punk’s claim that he should be champion.  At the time of writing we expect CM Punk vs Undertaker to happen at WrestleMania 29, though this is not official.

The Shield: Perhaps the biggest shock of Elimination Chamber was The Shield defeating the team of Ryback, John Cena and Sheamus.  There are several possible avenues for The Shield heading into WrestleMania 29.  It is expected that they will move away from their lengthy feud with Ryback, and one intriguing idea presented to us was the possibility of The Shield been involved in two separate matches at Mania.  Some are predicting that Roman Reigns will face Sheamus in singles action, while Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins will rekindle their feud with Team Hell No and challenge them for their Tag Team Championships.  As stated, this is only one possible scenario that is currently been discussed.

Daniel Bryan/Kane: WWE have planted the seeds for a break-up of Team Hell No, and if they do not defend their titles at WrestleMania is could be in favor of a singles match between Bryan and Kane.  This would be yet another rematch after the pair faced-off at SummerSlam, and would presumably require them to drop the Tag Titles before WrestleMania.

Dolph Ziggler/Money In The Bank/Chris Jericho: It was discussed prior to Elimination Chamber that Dolph Ziggler would cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase on Alberto Del Rio at the event and defend against the winner of the Chamber match (in this scenario that would have been Chris Jericho and not the eventual winner Jack Swagger) at WrestleMania.  This plan was scrapped in favor of the Swagger/Del Rio feud, and plans for Ziggler are now once again up in the air.  There are too many scenarios to detail at this stage, but brief possibilities include a rematch with Chris Jericho, a break-up with Big E Langston paired with a face turn and not having an official match but declaring he will cash in Money In The Bank on the winner of Del Rio/Swagger.

Mark Henry: Henry’s return prior to the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view made him one of the favorites for the Chamber match.  It is expected at this stage that Henry will continue his feud with Randy Orton after the pair faced off on the last two episodes of SmackDown.

Ryback: After his push at the end of 2012, Ryback is in desperate need of a pay-per-view win.  He has been on the losing end of his last five PPV outings, and this could be the setup for his “WrestleMania moment” at Mania 29.  It has long been expected that Ryback would face Big Show this year, and we have no reason to believe plans have changed on this front.

With seven weeks between Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania 29, WWE certainly have time to set up new feuds and change direction on their plans.  We will as always keep you up to date on the latest backstage news and creative ideas as WWE heads toward WrestleMania.