The following results are from a recent IMPACT Wrestling taping. The taping took place on May 31st, 2017 at the Reliance MediaWorks Studios in Mumbai, India.

Thanks to Wrestling-News.Net reader Yuvraj Sandhu for sending along the following.

In Ring Segment
X-Division Champion Sonjay Dutt made his way out to the ring with Mahabali Shera and said that it took 15 years for him to win the title, but what a night it was and he’s glad he done it in front of the crowd in India and promised to be the greatest Champion of all time. Low Ki came out, to which Sonjay said that he hopes he is out here to congratulate him. Low Ki said that he is indeed here to congratulate him and said that Sonjay had luck, but made use of it to become the Champion, but said that he truly feels the rightful place of the X-Division Championship is around his waist and that since he gave Sonjay a match when Sonjay requested, it is only fair that Sonjay returns the favor. Sonjay agreed to it and said that at Slammiversary, they will face each other in a 2 Out of 3 Falls match. Low Ki shook Sonjay’s hand, but then attacked him and Shera, however Matt Sydal came out to make the save.

Backstage Segment
Swoggle was shown chasing Rockstar Spud backstage before the took things through the crowd. Rockstar Spud managed to escape and told Swoggle to kiss his a** before running away.

Tag Team Match
Laurel Van Ness & Sienna defeated Allie & Rosemary.

Singles Match
Mahabali Shera defeated KM. Post-match, Kongo Kong came out and KM and Kong beat down Shera.

Sony Six X-Division Invitational Elimination Match
Matt Sydal defeated Trevor Lee, Davey Richards, Suicide, Braxton Sutter and Eddie Edwards.

In Ring Segment
Eli Drake and Chris Adonis made their way to the ring. Eli said that he hears it when he’s sleeping and when he eats and that’s the Moose chants. Adonis said that Moose does not deserve to be in the same country, let alone the same ring as himself and Eli, to which Eli said that Moose is running his mouth and putting his nose in their business and said that Moose says that he has a partner and said that Moose rhymes with Bruce and said that Prichard is probably his tag partner and said that Moose needs to be a man like Chris Adonis and him. Moose came out and said that his partner is going to be NFL star DeAngelo Williams. Adonis and Eli then beat down Moose to end the segment.

Tag Team Match
James Storm & Alberto El Patron defeated Ethan Carter III & Bobby Lashley via disqualification.

Tag Team Match
Sonjay Dutt & Matt Sydal defeated Low Ki & Trevor Lee. After the match, a table was set up in the ring for several contract signings.

In Ring Segment
Rosemary and Sienna were up first. Sienna said that Rosemary thinks that she is so clever, but that this is the dumbest thing that she ever did. Rosemary told Sienna that was very compelling and tonight, she may have signed the contract, but all that means is that at Slammiversary, Sienna is going to sign her death certificate with her own blood. Davey Richards, Angelina Love, Eddie Edwards and Alisha were up next to sign the contract for the first-ever mixed tag team Full Metal Mayhem contract signing. The crowd chanted Eddie’s Gonna Kill You towards Davey, to which he said that Eddie is going to have to, because at Slammiversary, because he is going to bury him. Eddie said that at Slammiversary, he is going to beat Davey’s a**. James Storm and Ethan Carter III were up next for the contract signing for their strap match. James Storm was held back by Jeremy Borash and Bruce Prichard. EC3 said that he feels disconnected and said that he lashes out with this, he lashes out for you, for the company, for the people and for the last emotion that is of disgust and said that he is going to tear Storm apart piece by piece to the bone, not because he wants to, but because he has to as he is a Carter and the world needs them. Storm told EC3 to tell his family that Storm is going to take that strap and whip EC3 over and over and when the scars burn, he is going to continue. Storm said that he has been here for 15 years, he’s the cowboy and “Sorry, about your damn luck”. Bobby Lashley and Alberto El Patron came out for their contract signing. Bobby Lashley said that all the talking is over and that at Slammiversary, everyone knows that he will beat Alberto, so it’s best to just hand the belt over now. Alberto told Lashley why wait and said that they came all the way from America to India and both men have a title, so let’s do things tonight. Alberto went to attack Lashley, which led to a huge brawl. Bruce Prichard said that since everyone wants to fight tonight, it will be an 8 Man Tag Team match with Lashley captaining a team with Davey Richards, Ethan Carter III and Kongo Kong against Alberto El Patron captaining a team with Eddie Edwards, James Storm and Mahabali Shera.

Tag Team Match
Eli Drake & Chris Adonis defeated The Mumbai Cats.

6 Person Mixed Tag Team Match
Braxton Sutter, Rosemary & Allie defeated KM, Laurel Van Ness & Sienna.

8 Man Tag Team Match
Alberto El Patron, James Storm, Eddie Edwards & Mahabali Shera defeated Bobby Lashley, Davey Richards, Kongo Kong & Ethan Carter III.

Mumbai Street Fight
Swoggle defeated Rockstar Spud.