The following results are from a recent WWE SmackDown TV Taping. The taping took place on July 31st, 2012 at the Bakers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana and will air on August 3rd, 2012 at 8pm Eastern on the SyFy Network.

In Ring Segment
Vince McMahon’s music hit and he said that he’s getting right to it and announcing the new WWE SmackDown General Manager and that man is Booker T. Many people expected it to be Booker as he didn’t join Josh and Cole on commentary prior to the show going live. Following the announcement, Alberto del Rio came out and cut a promo about Booker becoming the GM, however Sheamus interrupted. Booker announced that Del Rio would be competing, however Del Rio cut him off and said that he only competes in title matches until WWE Summerslam, to which Booker responded that he’s the boss and he makes the rules. Booker then noted that Del Rio will face a returning Randy Orton, while Sheamus faces off against Tensai next.

Singles Match
Sheamus defeated Tensai (w/Sakamoto). Following this the cameras cut to the back where Eve Torres was shown with Booker T trying to land a job as part of his staff, however Teddy Long interrupted. It was announced that Long is Booker T’s senior advisor.

Singles Match
Antonio Cesaro defeated Santino Marella.

6 Man Tag Team Match
Daniel Bryan, The Miz and Dolph Ziggler defeated Kane, Chris Jericho and Christian. In a funny segment prior to the match, Bryan came out with “NO” taped across his t-shirt and noted that he was done with saying Yes all the time. After the match however, Bryan had a Yes and No contest with the fans heading to the back.

Singles Match
Ryback defeated Jinder Mahal via disqualification when Mahal hit Ryback with a microphone.

Singles Match
Darren Young (w/A.W. and Titus O’Neil) defeated R-Truth (w/Kofi Kingston).

Backstage Segment
Cody Rhodes is in the back and congratulates Booker T on becoming General Manager and says that although they have a past, they can work together to make SmackDown strong. Booker laughs it off and announces that next week Cody Rhodes will face off against Sin Cara.

Singles Match
Randy Orton defeated Alberto del Rio via disqualification due to interference from Ricardo Rodriguez. Following the match, Sheamus came out and threw Del Rio back to Orton who hit an RKO and posed to end the show.

Dark Match (Non-Televised Match)
John Cena defeated The Big Show and Cody Rhodes in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match.