STARDOM sent out the following:

8/22, 23 Yokohama Budokan Tournament, 8/29 Niigata, 8/30 Takaoka Tournament Canceled

Thank you very much for your support for the female professional wrestling “Stardom”

“STARDOM YOKOHAMA CINDERELLA 2020 2Days” was planned to be held in Kanagawa/Yokohama Budokan on Saturday, August 22nd and Sunday, August 23rd, but there is one new player scheduled to participate in the tournament, new coronavirus Since a positive result has been found, we give top priority to ensuring the safety of our customers, and although it is a tough decision to make it Stardom, we will inform you that it has been canceled or postponed.

In addition, “5 STAR GP 2020” Niigata City Higashi Ward Plaza Hall competition on August 29 (Saturday) and “5 STAR GP 2020” Toyama/Takaoka Ecole competition on August 30 (Sun) were also canceled. I will inform you.

We will refund the tickets you purchased this time, so we will inform you later on the official website. In addition, we will inform you of the postponement schedule later.

After the August 15th Osaka Games, which was canceled recently (one player who did not participate in this tournament was found to be corona-positive), Bushiroad Fight performed PCR tests on all players and staff, but it was negative. Even among the judged players, there are many players who are in deep contact with the newly positive players this time, so they were kept waiting for two weeks at home, following the guidance of the public health center.

Regarding the two players who were judged positive, we are currently improving. If no new cases are confirmed, we plan to resume the entertainment around the beginning of September.

We would like to express our sincere apologies to all the fans who were looking forward to this event, and to all of the people who helped to make the Stardom Yokohama tournament more exciting. Thank you for your understanding and understanding.

Bushiroad Fight will continue to do its utmost to prevent the spread of coronavirus infectious diseases. Thank you for your continued patronage and support for Stardom.