Major League Wrestling sent out the following:

Intergender Match signed for Philly

Steph De Lander vs Good Brother 3 signed for January 6

MLW have announced Steph De Lander (promoted by Saint Laurent) vs. Good Brother #3 at the beIN SPORTS TV taping portion of MLW Kings of Colosseum Saturday, January 6 at Philadelphia’s 2300 Arena.

While rumors swirl around the true identity of the masked Good Brother #3, World Titan Federation (huckster) promoter Saint Laurent has brokered a shocking intergender match.

Vowing to expose the true identity of Ol… masked Good Brother #3, Saint Laurent and Steph De Lander have lobbied for and been granted this shocking match, which is a part of MLW’s beIN SPORTS TV taping.

It was in the closing minutes of the World Heavyweight Title Fight at MLW x WTF ONE-SHOT where love was seemingly in the air as Good Brother #3 kissed Steph and distracted her, aiding in the World Titan Federation’s pursuit of the championship being dashed.

Of course, it was Steph De Lander who cost Mance Warner his spot on the MLW roster in November, when she debuted and assisted Matt Cardona in defeating Ol Mancer.

With Good Brother 3 officially joining the Second Gear Crew, it appears this mysterious ‘rassler looks to right the wrongs done to Mance Warner.

What happens when southern journeyman grappler Good Brother #3 locks up with Steph De Lander? Find out LIVE in Philly.

Lock in your tickets now at and see it go down Saturday, January 6 in Philadelphia.