In an interview with prior to yesterday’s San Diego Comic Con, former WCW & TNA Wrestling superstar Sting discussed his relationship with the WWE, his future plans and much more.

Highlights of the interview are below:

On his relationship with the WWE, Sting noted that things are good and that he’s had talks with Triple H and believes that it’s now or never, especially with his age and it’s about time that something happens, if they can make it happen as he felt the buzz was huge and the reaction to his inclusion in the WWE 2K15 videogame was tremendous and talked about having his first WWE action figure.

When asked about the end of WCW, Sting said that it was surreal and he thought about going to the WWE over the years, came close a few times after good conversations with Vince McMahon and that Vince has always told him that someday they would do business, but regrets that The Undertaker’s streak came to an end, as he wanted to get the chance at ending it.

In regards to his future plans with WWE, Sting said that it feels great to get his foot in the door and said that the action figure, t-shirt and inclusion in the WWE 2K15 videogame is a good start and promised it will be showtime if he ever gets the chance to step inside a WWE ring.