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As 2014 really kicks into gear, there can be no question: Ring of Honor is FLYING HIGH. Night after night, our athletes give you the best professional wrestling on the planet and our fans give us their support right back. There is simply nothing like seeing Ring of Honor live. On March 22, we return to Dayton, OH and we can now confirm a gigantic match our fans have been asking for and you’ll want to witness live: CHRIS HERO VS. AJ STYLES!

Both AJ Styles and Chris Hero have long histories with ROH. And, similarly, both men have recently returned to ROH and been instantly embraced by the fans. Hero has embarked on a heated rivalry with World Champion Adam Cole while Styles has clashed with some of ROH’s top stars like Jay Lethal and Michael Elgin, the latter match already tagged as a possible “Match of the Year.” But they haven’t faced each other in ROH – until now.

Chris Hero’s return to ROH has not been without frustrations. At the 12th Anniversary, he had Adam Cole beaten with a visual tap out – but the referee was unable to register the victory. Always known for his intensity and brutal strikes, the Hero we see today is focused and driven on a whole new level. AJ Styles has upped the level of competition in ROH after just a handful of phenomenal matches that put the entire locker room on notice. He is taking on all the top contenders to prove he deserves a shot at the World Championship. In Dayton, two of the top athletes in professional wrestling will lock up in a battle of knockout blows vs. gravity defying attacks.

This match has huge world title implications. Obviously, the ROH World Championship is THE top prize in Ring of Honor. Every single man who steps into an ROH ring aspires to one day wear that championship belt. Since returning, AJ Styles has not yet had an ROH World Title opportunity. However, Chris Hero himself is currently embroiled in a feud with Adam Cole. Defeating Chris Hero would definitely rocket AJ Styles straight to the top of the list of contenders!

But the stakes in this match might get even higher! On March 8th in Chicago Ridge, the “Knockout Artist” takes on the ROH World Champion in a three-level Ringmaster’s Challenge match – and the title is on the line. If Chris Hero defeats Adam Cole at Raising the Bar: Night Two, he will come to Dayton as the World Champion!

The fans demanded this match and Ring of Honor is delivering. On March 22, you need to be in Dayton, OH as ROH presents FLYING HIGH! Keep checking www.rohwrestling.com for additional updates on who is signed to appear and what other exciting matches you will see.

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