Sukeban sent out the following:

Sukeban World Premiere to Stream Exclusively on TikTok

Joshi Wrestling Company World Premiere Scheduled for Thursday, September 21 at 8pm ET

First Ever All-Japanese Joshi Wrestling Company in the United States Brings Japan’s Top Female Wrestlers to a Global Audience

New York, NY (September 20, 2023) – Sukeban, a Japanese female wrestling league, today announced that its World Premiere event at 8pm ET on Thursday, September 21st, will stream exclusively on TikTok from @sukeban_world.

Sukeban’s debut event, which sold out in two hours, will see five matches featuring the strongest women’s roster in North America. The company’s unique hybrid live action and anime content has already made waves in the wrestling world, seeing explosive growth across TikTok and other social media platforms in just two weeks.

The live stream can be easily accessed at the Sukeban TikTok account @sukeban_world beginning at 8pm ET tomorrow night.

The full card for the Sukeban World Premiere is:

Cherry Bomb Girls vs. The Vandals
Crush Yuu, Supersonic, Riko Blondie vs. Atomic Banshee, Otaku-chan, BINGO

Special Attraction Three-way Match
Saki Bimi vs. Queen Takase vs. X

Special Singles Match
Midnight Player vs. Stray Cat

Harajuku Stars vs. Dangerous Liaisons
Maya Mamushi, Babyface vs. Commander Nakajima, Lady Antoinette

Main Event Title Eliminator
Countess Saori vs. Ichigo Sayaka

Sukeban will bring new dimensions to the experience:

— Championship belt by Marc Newson (to be revealed at the New York City World Premiere)

— Costumes by Olympia Le-Tan

— Hats by milliner Stephen Jones

— Nail art by Mei Kawajiri (Nails by Mei)

— Anime and manga by Sakana Koji and Silas Hickey

For more information, visit and follow Sukeban on Instagram, TikTok, and X at @sukeban_world.