AEW World Champion Swerve Strickland is set to be the focus of a new documentary that will look at his partnership with rapper Flash Garments, according to a report from Deadline.

The documentary will focus on Strickland’s WWE release, as well as Garments being cut from Kanye West’s crew around the same time before the two came together to work on a theme song for Strickland in All Elite Wrestling.

Speaking about the documentary Strickland had the following to say, “Flash Garments and I were introduced to one another at very interesting times in our lives. We knew we were meant to make history with one another by collaborating hip hop and pro wrestling on a different level. The Lucas Brothers captured it in the best light possible.”

Flash Garments added to that stating, “Well, I was honestly shocked and honored for the Lucas Bros to take interest in wanting to make a fusion documentary regarding pro wrestling and hip hop to highlight us and our impact in both respective fields. Get ready for a premium and unique viewing experience.”

The Lucas Brothers also discussed their decision to produce the documentary stating, “As lifelong fans of hip-hop and wrestling, we were instantly captivated by Swerve and Flash’s groundbreaking work in AEW. In an era where the media often portrays black men in conflict, their partnership is a beautiful example of the incredible things that can happen when African American men work together. We believe their story needs to be told.”