All Japan Pro Wrestling held a press conference today and revealed that Jake Lee, TAJIRI and Izanagi have made the decision to depart the company when their contracts expire and are opting not to re-sign. Izanagi will make his final appearance for AJPW on December 21st, while Jake Lee and TAJIRI are scheduled to finish up on December 25th.

In a statement on AJPW’s website, TAJIRI discussed his decision to depart the company stating, “Upon the expiration of my contract this year, I, TAJIRI, will be leaving All Japan Pro Wrestling which I have been a part of for many years. I have decided to leave All Japan Pro Wrestling and embark on a new journey. All of life is a process until death and life is still going to continue and the world of pro wrestling goes around and around. I am sure we will meet again someday, somewhere, so everyone please stay with me for the next two matches of the year. Thank you very much.”

Jake Lee, who has expressed interest in working for New Japan Pro Wrestling meanwhile noted during the presser that he was set on working through the 50th Anniversary Show in September, but in regards to his future, the only thing that he revealed was that he is planning to change his nationality from Korean to Japanese.

Lee said that he does not have an address in Korea for various reasons, and was unable to get a passport to go overseas, because he did not have a family register, which is an official document that records and certifies the identity and family relationships of Japanese citizens on the basis of family law. Lee noted that if all of the things leading up go according to plan, then he will have an interview next week, and will receive a passport after he secures Japanese citizenship.