In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, New Japan Pro Wrestling superstar Tama Tonga discussed several topics, including why he is looking to prove himself as a singles star as part of the New Japan Cup USA 2020.

“I’ll be honest, after everything that has happened this year and thinking about everything I’ve accomplished as a tag team wrestler, this tournament has made me think a lot about being a singles competitor. I never gave it that much consideration before, you’ve seen my G1 matches in the past where I’ve thrown a lot of tournaments away, but this year has really made me do a turnaround and reconsider.

I’ve accomplished being IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champion six times, I think I’ve got my fill of that. I’ve been off for nearly half of the year and I’m excited to be back, this tournament has given me a taste of being a singles competitor. Do I need to prove something? maybe, maybe I do. I’ve proven myself in a tag team, now I need to see what I can do as a singles competitor.”

The interview is available in full at this link.