WWE Hall of Famer Tammy Sytch (Sunny) is scheduled to have a Gagnon video hearing with a Jude this morning in regards to a petition to revoke her parole/probation in Carbon County Court in Pennsylvania.

For those wondering, Sytch was taken into custody several weeks ago on an undisclosed violation, just days after she was released from hospital. If Sytch admits that she indeed violated her probation, then the presiding Judge can issue a ruling about what her punishment could be, however if Sytch denies that she violated her probation, then a hearing will be scheduled where the Probation department will have to present proof that Sytch did indeed violate her probation before the Judge can issue a ruling.

Sytch was sentenced to 5 years probation on August 18th by Judge Joseph J. Matika after she plead guilty to three DUI-related arrests from 2015. Sytch, at that time, was sentened to serve a total of 97 days to 5 years in prison, however, in lieu of prison time, she was instead given credit for the 95 days she spent in a rehabiliation facility, as well as the two days that she had spent in prison and was placed on probation. Judge Matika, at that time, warned Sytch that should she get into trouble during the time period of her probation, which was to feature bi-weekly drug and alcohol testing, that she would be sentenced to jail as there would be a zero tolerance policy in effect for any drug or alcohol use. Sytch, during the same sentencing, was also ordered to pay fines of $2,100 and court costs of $1,000 and $50 per month to cover the cost of her court-mandated supervision. She also had her driver’s license suspended for 30 months and was ordered to complete 125 hours of community service.