WWE Hall Of Famer Tammy Sytch (aka Sunny) is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on the requested revocation of her parole at 9am tomorrow in Carbon County Court in Pennyslvania.

The hearing, which is defined as a Gagnon I hearing, is a preliminary probation violation hearing to determine if there is sufficient cause that a probation violation occured and if the decision is made that Sytch did indeed violate her probation, then she will be scheduled for a Gagnon II hearing, meaning she would face her original sentencing Judge, Joseph T. Matika, who would then rule on what punishment would be imposed against her.

For those unfamiliar, Sytch was extradited from the Monmouth County Correctional Facility in New Jersey to Carbon County in Pennsylvania on March 28th. While Sytch was being processed for multiple charges of contempt – disobedience/resistance in New Jersey, it was learned that she was technically a fugitive of justice, because a motion had been filed in August 2017 in Pennsylvania, requesting that her February 2017 parole from the Carbon County in Pennsylvania be revoked, with a bench warrant issued for her arrest.

Due to the fact that Sytch was not living in Pennsylvania at the time, she could not be located to be served or taken into custody. During her arrest in New Jersey, she was held there until Pennsylvania authorities were able to come and extradite her, as due to her being a fugitive of justice, New Jersey would not release her to anyone but the State of Pennsylvania.