In a video released on her official YouTube page, Taynara Conti, who was one of the names released by the WWE recently as part of cutbacks related to COVID-19, opened up on her release from the company.

“First of all, I want to say that I’m okay, I’m happy, I’m healthy and most importantly, I’m so excited for the future, for real. So, as you guys know, I don’t work for WWE anymore. I was with the company for two years and a half or so, a little bit more, honestly, that was like the most crazy and amazing opportunity of my whole life, I will always be grateful because WWE changed my life and for the better, I came here to the U.S. and I knew no English, I had no idea what wrestling was before and after two years, I was in the WrestleMania ring, I had just two years of experience and I was in WrestleMania, I was the first Brazilian to be signed with the WWE and the first one to step in the WrestleMania ring.

I had so many cool moments and so many good feelings that I’m just grateful. I met so many good people who are special that I will have them with me forever for my whole life, so it was good. In the last couple of months, I was not feeling like that any more, I was not happy. As you guys know, I have a background in judo, so I’m always competing with myself and I need to feel that I’m growing, that I have space to grow, that I’m useful and I was not feeling like that any more when I talked to them. We tried to figure it out and I was just not happy and I am like that, when I’m not happy. I tried to change, if I can’t change, let’s go, move on. I asked for my release about two months ago and they were not able to give it to me by then and I had no option but to try again. Then, in the middle of the pandemic, I was at home and I got a call, hey Tay, bye, they released me. Of course, it was a shock, I was upset, I was nervous, but you know, now that I figured out everything, I’m happy because I want to have good feelings about WWE in my heart and I will always have it, but let’s talk about the next steps.

I fell in love with wrestling and every time that WWE signed someone that came from the indies or from another company, I always asked questions, I was always trying to understand better, I am curious, I always need to feel that I have challenges and I always had, even for the coaches, that I will miss a lot, because we had great coaches in WWE and I learned a lot from them, but I always said that I wanted to learn more, I want to know about wrestling more because I just know WWE and wrestling is much bigger than that and I know this, so I always asked questions, I was always happy to learn more. Here I am, free to know, to learn. I really, really want to achieve a couple of dreams, like go to Japan and wrestling in other places, so I’m really excited for the future, I really am. I can’t say anything more because I’m not sure about anything yet, but yes, I do have a couple of plans, yes I will still be in the business and yes, I will be in the U.S., so thank you so much for your support.”