Godfather talking about WWF allowing him to be this character: “They finally let me be me instead of making me a voodoo monster or ultimate fighter or trying to make me be a heel, they finally let me be me. They gave me so much creativity. I would come up with stuff. It was all ad lib. The Godfather was never scripted. They might want me to hit a point, but I was free to do what I want.

Godfather talking about the origins of the Ho Train move: “Shane McMahon came up with that. I was in the ring with Shane McMahon. My gimmick was starting to get over and get some ratings. He said you have to come up with something. He said how about you shoot them (his opponent) in the corner and then you wind up like a train. He asked if I remember Soul Train. He said how about if you say Ho Train. That was all Shane McMahon’s idea where I splash them in the corner.”

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