In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, The Young Bucks (Nicholas Jackson & Matthew Jackson) discussed several topics, including their role as villains, Sting’s final match at AEW Revolution and more.

On why it means a lot to himself and his brother, Nicholas Jackson had the following to say, “It’s a crazy rollercoaster ride we’ve been on the last 20 years, I remember watching Nitro, seeing Sting come down from the rafters to attack the nWo and how mad I’d be that he’d always beat up Hogan, so to see him still performing at a high level all these years later is amazing. For Matthew and me, to be his last match means a lot, it’s the biggest match of our careers and it’s a moment I didn’t think would happen.”

Matthew Jackson stated that they have always respected Sting, but that it is up to them to help Sting stick the landing to his legendary career stating, “Forbidden Door was the very first time we’d ever been in a ring with Sting, you can get caught up in moments like that when you’re standing face-to-face with an icon, it can mix you up and take you off balance, because you almost get caught watching yourself, like you’re in a movie or a dream, you have to stop acting like a fan and remember you’re a participant. I remember more about how I felt in that match and less about what happened. This match at Revolution, nobody is more emotional about it than my brother and me, although we usually rooted against Sting when we were kids, we always respected his game, it’s a lot of responsibility on our shoulders, Sting has had a legendary career and it’s up to us to stick the landing, but this isn’t going to be Kobe scoring 60 points on his final night, we’re looking for a shutout and I know Sting wouldn’t want it any other way. He mentioned us being in for the fight of our lives, we live for high pressure, high stakes, big fight feel matches, nobody performs better in those types of situations than us, 64 years of age, performing in his final match or not, we’re not going to take him lightly.”

The full interview is available at this link.