The following results are from a recent edition of TNA IMPACT Wrestling. The show aired live at 8pm Eastern on POP TV on January 5th, 2017 from the IMPACT Wrestling Zone at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida

In Ring Segment
TNA World Champion Eddie Edwards came to the ring to kick off the show and wished everyone a Happy New Year and said that he is humbled to usher in the new era as the TNA World Champion and knows that puts a target on his back, but that competition is about coming out every night and proving that you’re the best there is and that 2017 is a new year and a fresh start and he wants to make it the new beginning of IMPACT Wrestling. Eddie said that he brought a surprise for the Wolves Nation, however Bobby Lashley interrupted and said that nobody wants to hear his crap, because the only surprise is that Eddie is still the TNA World Champion and said that he’s tired of playing with Eddie, because 2017 is going to be his year, it’s going to be 365 days of a** whippings and after that crap that happened in Cameron, he wants his rematch here tonight because he’s tired of getting screwed over and he’s tired of these fluke wins and said that he’s had enough and if Eddie wants to give them a surprise, they should give him his rematch so that they can settle this once and for all. Ethan Carter III came out and said Lashley looks angry enough to have an aneurysm while Eddie is so ripped that it looks like he would die if he ate carbs, but while they were fighting in Matt Hardy’s backyard, he was watching and wanting what he won a year ago today, the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and said that he wants his rematch tonight too. Lashley said that EC3 can’t just walk in here and stick his nose in things, however Eddie stepped between the two and said that they both seem to have forgotten that he’s the guy with the title and if they both want a rematch, then why not have a triple threat match tonight.

TNA Grand Championship Match
Moose (c) defeated Mike Bennett.

Backstage Segment
The Broken Hardys were shown backstage with Swoggle where Matt asked him if he was sent to invade Total Nonstop Deletion by his sinister father MeekMahan. Swoggle said that wasn’t real and he isn’t really his son, which led to Matt telling him that was wonderful and walking off. Swoggle then turned to Vanguard-1 and said that it looks like they’re the only normal ones around here. This led into the next segment as Rockstar Spud came to the ring and saif that he saw Swoggle backstage and that he remembers what he did to him in Cameron, so since 2016 didn’t go so great for him, he is going to start 2017 off with a notch in the win column and calls out Swoggle.

Singles Match
Swoggle defeated Rockstar Spud. Post-match, Spud got on the mic and said that he has wasted his career here and he quits.

In Ring Segment
Eli Drake came to the ring for a Fact of Life segment and asked the fans if they missed him and said that they did because he’s Eli Drake and it’s now 2017, nothing has changed and he is back in the show that sets trends because he runs it. Drake said that he wants EC3 to know that it’s not over because he’s not going to stop coming for him, but said that he has another concern tonight and that because he creates history and sets trends, he has some questions for The Broken Hardys. Eli Drake said that they did something completely different when they invited every cross-eyed half-wit from around the globe to the Hardy Compound and still walked out with the TNA World Tag Team Titles and that means something, but they were missing Eli Drake and he wanted to know where his invite was. Matt said that he was invited because they invited everyone across space and time and said that maybe he was scared like the Day of New and the Bucks of Youth. Eli said that he wanted a personal invitation, which led to the Hardys asking him if he needs to be held and loved. Jeff said that Hardy’s violent hospitality is eternal and said that Eli is a dummy, however Eli said that if he keeps talking like that, then they might wind up in the Hardy Hospital and said that he hears all about the Seven Deities, but there is just one he needs to know about, Eli Drake and said that they didn’t invite him because they didn’t want him to show up and turn it into Total Nonstop Dummy, yeah. Matt said that his magic has existed for over 2009 years and that Eli is about to find out what happens when you question his powers. Eli asked Jeff if he has time for magic and wonder, to which Jeff said that Eli can’t comprehend what they are, because they are magic. Eli said that he’s looking at their belts and because they had Delete or Decay, the Great War, Final Deletion and Apocalypto, they’ve also got a pay-per-view tomorrow night and he wants the Hardy to defend against him and a partner of his choosing. Matt said that the challenge is accepted and that tomorrow night, they will be ready to Delete. Eli attacked Jeff, however Matt then attacked Eli and threw him across the ring.

Tag Team Match
Decay (Crazzy Steve & Abyss) (w/Rosemary) defeated The Helms Dynasty (Trevor Lee & Andrew Everett) (w/Shane Helms). Post-match, The DCC hit the ring and attacked The Decay.

Singles Match
Sienna (w/Laurel Van Ness & Maria) defeated Allie (w/Braxton Sutter).

Triple Threat Match For The TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Eddie Edwards (c) defeated Ethan Carter III and Bobby Lashley. Towards the end of the match, as Bobby Lashley was going to attack Eddie Edwards with the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, Davey Richards returned and took the title from Lashley’s hands, which led to Eddie hitting Lashley with the Boston Knee Party for the win. Post-match, Eddie and Davey embraced as the show came to an end.