Ring of Honor Wrestling sent out the following:

Unedited & Full Tommaso Ciampa Statement On His Actions

At Death Before Dishonor in Chicago Ridge, Tommaso Ciampa got the ROH World Title opportunity he’d been campaigning for. But despite fighting through a brutal match against “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin, Ciampa was unsuccessful in his quest to capture the championship. It was then that absolute chaos erupted. Ciampa attacked the ring crew, Kevin Kelly, and finally physically assaulted Bobby Cruise, leaving him with a severe concussion. Because of his actions, Tommaso Ciampa has been suspended immediately and indefinitely.

This week, Ciampa sent an apology video to the ROH office and asked that it be posted on our social media. The video was posted in part earlier in the week. But Ciampa has further requested that the video be made available in full for everyone to hear all of his words. This is a very different side of Tommaso Ciampa. ROH officials have decided to honor Ciampa’s request and make the entire video public.

According to him, this video represents both an apology for his actions and the beginnings of an explanation. He has opened up candidly about his troubled past and current medical issues. Additionally, he claims no memory of the vicious attack after his title match loss. We warn the viewer that the contents of this video may be emotionally jarring or disturbing to some of the audience. After viewing the video, ROH officials are continuing to evaluate Tommaso Ciampa’s actions. He is still considered suspended – currently and indefinitely.