New Japan Pro Wrestling have announced on their official website that Tomoaki Honma has begun to regain feeling in his extremities and while he is still weak, he is now able to move his arms and legs.

For those unfamiliar with the story, on the March 3rd New Japan Pro Wrestling event in Okinawa, Japan, Honma was hit with a DDT off the second rope by Jado, but did not get up after the bump and was essentially unresponsive, which led to the match being stopped and Honma being stretchered out of the ring and rushed to the hospital.

The New Japan Pro Wrestling statement reads, “Now he is able to move his feet a fair amount, and he can grip objects and bend his elbow. He is making progress day by day. The biggest worry with an injury between the third and fourth vertebrae is the effect it can have on circulation and respiration. At this point he is out of the most dangerous period of the first couple of days after the injury. As such he was moved from the ICU this afternoon and we hope he will continue to recover from there.”