All Elite Wrestling President Tony Khan took part in the pre-AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door media call and discussed several topics, including All Elite Wrestling’s plans to work with STARDOM beyond this Sunday’s pay-per-view.

“We have lots of plans with STARDOM and I’m really excited about working so closely with the promotion this year, STARDOM has the same parent company as New Japan Pro Wrestling, BUSHIROAD, and I had been looking to work with STARDOM for a long time.

This current management has been such a great pleasure to work with, it’s been great for the wrestlers in AEW and STARDOM, and also the fans of either or both promotions that we’ve been working together so closely, putting together great matches, bringing the talent back and forth.

Right now, we’re in a position where a STARDOM wrestler, Mina Shirakawa, could very well be the AEW Women’s World Champion, she has a great chance and is a fantastic representative of not only STARDOM, but also AEW. I would love to have Mina as the Champion, I also love having Toni Storm as the Champion and it’s one of the reasons why I am excited for the match.

I want to continue to work with STARDOM closely, one of their wrestlers may be the World Champion here, which can be a great thing. We’ll continue to see wrestlers from STARDOM in AEW, top stars, and also continue to bring young wrestlers over. I’d like to continue to have STARDOM involved with Ring Of Honor as well.

In addition to bringing STARDOM wrestlers into AEW, you could see a lot of AEW wrestlers traveling to STARDOM and we’re working on that, wrestlers are working on getting their visas and it’s something we’re excited about.”