All Elite Wrestling President Tony Khan took part in the post-ROH Supercard of Honor media scrum over the weekend and discussed several topics, including recent releases made by the company.

“I think that this year, I have been very active, not only in the free agent market, but in the production budget. There are things tonight, like for example on one song alone I spent like a year’s pay for most pro wrestlers in this business, and the budget, not only with free agency, but production is very high, and also we’re going into a contract year and I plan to continue on being very active, not only in free agency, but in the production of the show and producing great content.

Going into this year, I have to look at where we’re at, I’d really spent more than I’d planned going into this year, so I really love our roster and where we’re at, I’m very supportive of everybody we have here, and everyone who’s ever worked here, I think I really appreciate everything they did when they were here, and this particular group, it was not an easy set of choices to make, and in particular with this group of wrestlers we just released.

I would be happy to take any of them back under the right circumstance, I have no bridge burned with any of them, and like I said, even with The Boys, I disagree with the point on travel and that in the history of ROH and working with us that there hadn’t been a couple of times where they didn’t make it and made me change stuff, but on the other hand, I really like both of them, and whether we agree or not about that point of contention, I think it’s regardless, I think they were great, they were a great part of Dalton’s act, I like both the Tate’s, I like everybody we released in this last batch recently, and I’m wishing nothing but the best for any of them.”

The full media scrum is available at this link.