In a recent interview with the Sports Guys Talking Wrestling podcast, All Elite Wrestling President Tony Khan discussed AEW kicking off their live events/house shows from March 18th, and working with names including Rafael Morffi and Jeff Jarrett.

“Well, it’s great, we have these great opportunities, we have a great team working on it. We’ve had great AEW live events, I’ve worked closely with Rafael Morffi and the team for a long time. Now, we’ve had on top of that, we’ve brought on Double J, Jeff Jarrett, who is one of the greatest minds in pro wrestling on the promotional side, but also in the ring, what a strategist, and truly still, one of the best and it’s great to have Jeff Jarrett wrestling in big matches, and you see Jeff Jarrett out there almost every Wednesday night on TBS.

He’s come in and been such a great wrestler for us, I have so much respect for his mind, in and out of the ring and the wrestling side, and also on the promotional side, he’s had great impact on our live event business, and Jeff is a great person to have in my locker room and I love working with him, but the live event business, I think he’ll add a lot, and the House Rules is the next step.

I started this movement, and that’s why I enjoyed working with him on it. Raf and I put on an event with our team in Jacksonville that was actually our quote-unquote house show, The House Always Wins, and now it’s become almost mythical, because I’ve never released the tape, I’m waiting for the right time, but you know, people still talk about, for example, the main event was a TNT Championship Match with Darby Allin versus The Butcher. The Butcher was dominating the action, but he ended up getting injured, and he had a hand injury that not only put him out of the music business, where he’s a big name, but also out of the tag team and wrestling business.”

The interview is available in full at this link.