The synopsis for the first three episodes of the seventh season of Total Divas on the E! Network have been revealed, which provide updates on the season ahead.

The first episode, titled Make Or Break has the following synopsis, “As the season premiere kicks off, the WWE announces its first-ever Money in the Bank ladder match for the women’s superstar division. With Brie on maternity leave, Nikki mentors Nattie and Lana in the hopes of becoming WWE SmackDown Live General Manager. Meanwhile, newcomer Nia Jax makes a bad impression when she questions Maryse’s history in the WWE and Trinity (Naomi) challenges Jon (Jimmy Uso) to sex up their love life.”

The second episode, titled Dressed Like A Champ has the following synopsis, “The ladies celebrate the success of their historic ladder match, but Lana’s performance suffers intense scrutiny. Meanwhile, Maryse’s fashion makeover triggers Alexa’s painful past and Natalya, who hates babies, is tasked to babysit Brie’s newborn!”

The third episode, titled Breaking All The Rules has the following synopsis, “Trinity (Naomi) goes behind WWE’s back and alters her Championship in order to give it a glow. Meanwhile, Lana pulls a similar stunt by posting a photo that could get her fired. Brie recruits Nicole to go on a road trip to San Diego with a breastfeeding infant in the car. Carmella and Big Cass visit Los Angeles and live a day in the life of The Miz and Maryse.”