WWE’s Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy & Development Triple H was a guest on today’s edition of The Pat McAfee Show and addressed the recent incident between former WWE NXT Champion Adam Cole and McAfee, where both men traded some verbal jabs, which eventually led to Adam Cole dropping F-bombs, pushing McAfee’s co-host and walking off set, something Cole later apologized for.

Speaking about the incident Triple H said, “I like both of you guys, you’re both good guys and very passionate. To me, this is all a misunderstanding, you guys have had a relationship for a while, positively and then becoming negative. It started from a place of you participating in NXT shows and you’ve had interactions from the showbiz side. Sometimes, those lines get blurred and you guys had a relationship that became somewhat more contentious behind the scenes, it was a budding irritation that was interesting for people.

I apologize for Adam coming on your show, he is the nicest guy in the world, he comes on your show, there’s an interaction where I believe Adam is being a little overly sensitive and you, being Pat McAfee, a professional button pusher, you needle people for a living. I didn’t ask him to put out an apology or do anything, he’s a grown man responsible for his own actions. Being refreshingly honest, comes with great power, it can hit people wrong. To me, this is two guys, I’m sure you’ve had this on your teams, the guy you don’t get along with and the guy you almost come to blows with becomes the guy you’re closest to.

I think that’s what this is, at some point, sooner than later, you guys should get together, sit in the same room, be honest with each other and have that conversation.”