In an article on WWE’s official website, Triple H, Daniel Bryan, Cesaro and Seth Rollins are featured, discussing WWE’s signing of former Pro Wrestling NOAH superstar KENTA.

Highlights of the interview are below:

Triple H on when KENTA first came on WWE’s radar: “I’ve known about Kenta for years. He’s one of the biggest stars in Japan. He’s a huge talent, obviously. I’m excited for him to try to bring his brand of sports-entertainment to WWE and see how he does. I was absolutely familiar with him. It’s funny, because WWE is a different world. You’ll hear players all the time talk about making the switch from college football to the NFL and the difference in the game. I think it’s the same when you come to WWE. I don’t care where you’ve been or how big you’ve been anyplace else. When you get here, it’s a whole different world. There’s no ceiling for anybody in WWE. You just have to come here and prove that you belong to be in the ring with the best in the world. If you can hang with them, that’s exactly where you’ll be. Kenta has all the tools to be able to do it — he’s proven that for years in Japan. Now let’s see what he can do in NXT. Adapt or perish.”

Triple H on when KENTA will come to the main WWE roster: “He just signed with us. I was there when he had his tryout at the Performance Center and I met with him there. We’ve been working on this for a while. His training will start when he gets here. The thing is, you can be a big star anyplace else in the world. That gets you in the door. What you do once you get here is a whole different ballgame. He’s no different than anybody else once he walks through the door of the Performance Center.”

Daniel Bryan on facing KENTA in the past: “One of my favorite matches of my career was against Kenta in 2006. I was the Ring of Honor Champion and I had just recently separated my shoulder. I wrestled him in the Manhattan Center in New York City for 25 or 30 minutes in one of the toughest and best matches of my career. I can’t hear very well out of my left ear and that’s because of Kenta [laughs]. I can’t swim or go underneath a certain depth of water because he ruptured my eardrum in 2007 and I’ve never gotten it fixed. He can definitely swing for the fences.”

Daniel Bryan on who he would like to see KENTA face in the WWE: “I would love to see Kenta against Seth Rollins. Especially if it was a high level match, like on a pay-per-view or something like that — two guys at the top of their game. I’d like to see him against Cesaro. That would be incredible. I would pay money to see Kenta vs. Big Show. Some matches I’ve seen Kenta have against huge wrestlers have been awesome, because he is just fearless.”

The article is available in full at this link.