In an interview with NewsWeek at the press conference to promote the launch of the WWE UK Championship tournament, Triple H discussed the creation of the tournament, plans for the title after the tournament, future plans in the UK and more.

Highlights of the interview are below:

On whether the UK Championship tournament is the start of the company moving themselves into creating more localized territories: “The WWE Network allows us to do things that weren’t possible for us to do before. The world becomes a smaller and smaller place because of that and you connect to everyone at the same time. We’ve been in the UK for 30 years, we’ve built up a demand for the product here. To come in and super-serve them, this put our foot on the ground, it won’t be our home away from home, it will be our home, this solidifies that.”

On plans for the UK Championship after the tournament ends: “We’re seeing what this will become, it’s not a science yet. The hope is it becomes its own weekly show, based out of the UK with UK talent. Those talents will still be able to perform within the RevPro’s, ICW’s, OTT’s and PROGRESS’ and as those talents are working and moving up, we’re helping RevPro, ICW, OTT and PROGRESS to grow and help cultivate their talent pool as well. Before, it was a pipedream that you’d make it beyond the UK or the indy scene to the WWE, now there’s a clear path to do it.”

On future plans in the United Kingdom: “We’ll run 30 live events in the United Kingdom in 2017. We want to do more things here. This tournament is putting our foot on the ground and doing more here within the market.”

The interview is available in full at this link.