In a recent interview with Yahoo Sports, WWE’s Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy & Development, Triple H, discussed the company’s mandatory mask policy, cleaning during events, a potential ‘bubble strategy’ and more.

“Look, this is a difficult experience and a learning experience for everybody, especially for us. Everything that we are doing, health and safety-wise has evolved at the Performance Center. As we learn more about it, and as this changes, we’re going to continue to evolve. I feel like every day, you’re getting different information. Right now, we’re testing all talent, production crew, employees, everybody in advance of the television production and will continue that for the foreseeable future. We have a mandatory mask policy now for all performers and staff when not on camera, all of this has changed, the testing procedures, as they became more available at an accurate level, there were a lot of people saying they were testing at the beginning and doing rapid testing with some questionable accuracy. We were doing what the guidelines, what the CDC, what our medical staff were telling us were the most beneficial procedures for the health and well-being of our talent, staff and crew at that time. As the technology has advanced and the ability to test people has improved, we have stayed on top of that as well.

As far as a bubble strategy, everybody has a different take on this, my feeling is, yes, it’s increasing everywhere, but our testing is increasing as well. I think we have been very successful in that, prior to this recent wave, what we were doing was working, we didn’t have a massive outbreak. As things increased, what we have been able to do, in my opinion, has been to protect the people that come in and participate with us in the performances. When you see there are positives, that is the system working, that’s people coming from where they live, where they’re from, whatever exposure they have had, that’s us stopping it before it gets into, I don’t want to say bubble, because I don’t believe you can do that to people and have them only around each other, in our building. Everybody is going to be around others, their families, things they do in their personal lives, if they have had contact, are at risk or putting others at risk, we are preventing them from coming in. Every time that we go to the Performance Center and leave, it is pandemic-level cleaned, we’re doing everything we possibly can.”

The interview is available in full at this link.