WWE sent out the following:

Triple H to review Dunne’s attack on Gradwell in UK Championship Tournament

BLACKPOOL, England – The WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament closed in chaotic fashion, as Pete Dunne sucker punched his Part 2 opponent, Sam Gradwell, causing a ruckus on the stage in front of all of Part 1’s winners.

In a post-show press conference with Triple H and William Regal, Triple H announced that they’ll discuss the situation and talk with Gradwell before making any kind of decision about Dunne’s actions. Triple H commented that the idea of changing the tournament at this point is not ideal, but they would see what happens after their review. Triple H and Regal also confronted Dunne about his actions.

“I beat people, I hurt people, I own the ring,” Dunne said earlier during the WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament. How will Dunne’s actions affect his standing in the Quarterfinals of the competition?