– The Undertaker noted to fans at last night’s Florida Championship Wrestling event in Tampa, Florida that he’s taking a “wait and see what happens” approach to when he decides to return to the company leading up to the WWE WrestleMania 29 pay-per-view. Speaking of The Undertaker, for those unaware, Florida Championship Wrestling President Steve Keirn announced at last night’s show that former WWE Diva and the wife of The Undertaker, Michelle McCool were expecting their first child and that despite McCool being due “any day now”, Undertaker wouldn’t miss this benefit event for anything.

– There are many people within the company praising Triple H for how he has improved the entire developmental system and signed top quality names to date since taking over from John Laurinaitis. In a strange note, Vince McMahon is taking a hands-off approach to the whole developmental process unless called upon. Meanwhile people have noted that the WWE NXT tapings at Full Sail University have been running more smoothly and are heavy on wrestling and although he isn’t booking the NXT events, they are being booked with Triple H’s directives, something many feel will be done when he runs WWE’s TV fully. Keeping with Triple H however, the feeling amongst many is that with WWE announcing John Laurinaitis’ resignation, that he is being forced out of roles, which have since been replaced by recent staff signings made by Triple H including names such as Canyon Cemen and Terry Taylor. In another note, Michael Hayes has replaced Laurinaitis as the matchmaker at WWE live events. Laurinaitis is expected to return to television shortly, however his role has thus far been unannounced.

– WWE officials are said to be high on Jinder Mahal feeling that he could be a top heel in the company down the line and are testing that process by having him work a feud against Ryback, another name the company have high hopes for.

– WWE legend Vader was at WWE’s developmental territory earlier this week working with talent, including his son, Jake Carter. The feeling amongst many is that Vader worked well and was well received by the staff and talent with the expectation that he’ll be brought back in down the line to offer advice to the young talent.

– There is a feeling within the company that Vince McMahon is trying to tone down Michael Cole’s character and stop him from being the outlandish heel he once was and instead be a top commentator for the company.

– Many talent originally contacted to appear at the 1,000th episode of Raw were notified they wouldn’t be needed once the show was put together.

– Val Venis has been added to WWE’s alumni at this link.