Earlier this morning both Kate Upton and Jane Lynch left town after the Daytona 500 was delayed until noon today, which prompted the Daytona International Speedway on their Twitter account to state that John Cena would replace them as the Grand Marshal for the Daytona 500 and the Honorary Starter giving Cena the command to start engines, then get to wave the green flag also, a job no one had ever had for both NASCAR’s biggest race of the year.

Cena was all set to wave the flag at noon today, until it was delayed until 7pm tonight, with Cena noting that he would be heading to Portland, Oregon for tonight’s edition of WWE Monday Night RAW, putting Nascar in a state of bother if the race did go ahead. Cena not showing up would have given The Rock some great ammunition for his appearance tonight, as Cena has been mentioning that The Rock would be appearing via satellite leading to WrestleMania.

Current weather conditions now seem to indicate that the Daytona 500 could be pushed back to tomorrow afternoon, which if is the case, will see Cena head back to Daytona to take part. As of now, he’s on his way to RAW and if the race does go ahead, will not be in attendance for the above roles.